An electric motor brake (commonly known as a power brake) is a safety feature incorporated into many contemporary power tools, such as for example circular saws, drills, and miter saws. Many producers apply this feature into tools specifically with a spinning blade or cutter.
Designed with Oil Shear Technology, the Posistop and MagnaShear Engine Brakes are dynamic stopping brakes made to mount on the trunk of a brakeless brake electric motor. They are able to survive the harsh environments of mining, manufacturing, materials handling as well as packaging and food digesting with minimal electric multidisc efsmaintenance no adjustment-ever. The totally enclosed durable housings maintain dirt and moisture out while reducing sound and extracting heat.

The motor installed brakes could be furnished 3 ways: (1) installed on a NEMA or IEC frame electric motor, (2) furnished as an assembled brake engine with motor and brake assembled, (3) or with a particular flange to mount to other flanges such as a gear reducer.
moteur de frein Caractéristiques :
Up to 10 moments longer life
Minimal Maintenance Cost
No Adjustment – Ever!
Electric, Air flow, or Hydraulic Actuation
Dust, Dirt, and Dampness Proof
Washdown and Marine Duty
Standard or Custom Mounting
Spring Set Security or Pressure Set