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Starshine Drive Cycloid Geared Motor Merkmale

1. Merkmale:
1. Smooth running,low noise gear tooth needle more engagement.
2. Cycloidal tooth profile provides a high contact ratio to withstand overload shocks
3. Compact size: single ratio available from 1/9 to 1/87, double stage up from 1/99 to 1/7569 
4. Ideal for dynamic applications: frequent start-stop-reversing duties suits for cyclo speed reducer since inertia is low
5. Reduce maintenance costs: high reliability, long life, minimal maintenance compared to conventional gearboxes
6. Internal parts replaceable with other brands to ensure running.

7. Grease Lubricated & Oil Lubricated Models Available
8. Output Shaft Rotation Direction: Single Reduction: Clockwise Rotation; Double Reduction→ Counter Clockwise Rotation
9. Ambient Conditions: Indoor Installation:10-40 Celsius, Max 85% Humidity, Under 1000m Altitude, Well Ventilated Environment, Free of corrosive,        explosive gases, vapors and dust
10.Slow Speed Shaft Direction: Horizontal, Vertical Up & Down, Universal Direction
11.Mounting Style: Foot Mount, Flange Mount & Vertical F-flange Mount,
12. Input Connection: Cyclo Integral Motor, Hollow Input Shaft Adapter
13. Coupling Method With Driven Machine: Coupling, Gears, Chain Sprocket Or Belt
14. Cycloid reducer Capacity Range: 0.37kW ~ 11kW;

2. Technisch Parameters

Typ Old Type Abtriebsdrehmoment Durchmesser der Abtriebswelle
SXJ00 JXJ00 98N.m φ30
SXJ01 JXJ01 221N.m φ35
SXJ02 JXJ02 448N.m φ45
SXJ03 JXJ03 986N.m φ55
SXJ04 JXJ04 1504N.m φ70
SXJ05 JXJ05 3051N.m φ90
SXJ06 JXJ06 5608N.m φ100

Über uns

ZheJiang CZPT Drive Co., Ltd, der Vorgänger war ein staatliches Militärformunternehmen und wurde 1965 gegründet. CZPT hat sich auf komplette Antriebslösungen für die High-End-Industrie spezialisiert und verfolgt dabei das Ziel "Plattformprodukt, Anwendungsdesign und professioneller Service".
Starshine verfügt über ein starkes technisches Team mit derzeit mehr als 350 Mitarbeitern, darunter mehr als 30 Techniker und 30 Qualitätsprüfer, die auf einer Fläche von 80000 Quadrat-CZPT arbeiten und über eine Reihe von fortschrittlichen Maschinen und Prüfeinrichtungen verfügen. Wir haben eine gute Grundlage für die Industrie Anwendung Entwicklung und Service von High-End-Getriebe & Variatoren besitzen, um die Provinz Engineering Technology Research Center, das Labor der Getriebe Getriebe, und die Basis der modernen F & E.

Unser Team

Qualität: Bestehen Sie auf Verbesserung, streben Sie nach Exzellenz Mit der Entwicklung der Geräteherstellung Industrie, Kunden nie satirsfy mit der aktuellen Qualität unserer Produkte, im Gegenteil, wcreate den Wert der Qualität.
Qualitätspolitik: Anhebung des Gesamtniveaus im Bereich der Stromübertragung  
Qualitätsverständnis: Kontinuierliche Verbesserung, Streben nach Spitzenleistungen
Qualitätsphilosophie:Qualität schafft Wert

3. Eingehende Qualitätskontrolle
Um die AQL akzeptablen Niveau der eingehenden Materialkontrolle, um das Material für die gesamte Inspektion, Probenahme, Immunität. Auf die Annahme von qualifizierten Produkten zur Lagerung, minderwertige Waren zurück zu nehmen, überprüfen, Nacharbeit, Nacharbeit Inspektion; verantwortlich für die Verfolgung schlecht, um den Lieferanten zu überwachen, um Korrekturmaßnahmen zu ergreifen 
Maßnahmen zur Verhinderung eines erneuten Auftretens.

4. Prozess-Qualitätskontrolle
Die Produktionsstätte der ersten Prüfung, Inspektion und Endkontrolle, Probenahme nach den Anforderungen der einige Projekte, die Beurteilung der Qualität ändern Trend;
 Feststellung von Anomalien in der Produktion und Überwachung der Produktionsabteilung zur Verbesserung und Beseitigung der Anomalien.

5. FQC(Endgültige QC)
Nach der Herstellung wird das Produkt, stehen in der Position des Kunden auf das fertige Produkt Qualitätsprüfung, um die Qualität der 
Erwartungen und Bedürfnisse der Kunden.

6. OQC(Ausgehende QC)
Nach dem Produkt Probe Inspektion, um festzustellen, die qualifizierte, so dass die Lagerung, aber wenn das fertige Produkt aus dem Lager vor der formellen Lieferung der Ware, gibt es eine Überprüfung, wird dies als die Sendung Inspektion.Check Inhalt:In der Lagerhaltung und Transfer-Status zu bestätigen, während die Bestätigung der Lieferung der 
Produkt ist eine Produktinspektion zur Bestimmung der qualifizierten Produkte.

7. Zertifizierung.




Anwendung: Maschinen, Landmaschinen
Härte: Gehärtete Zahnoberfläche
Einbau: Horizontal Typ
Layout: Koaxial
Form des Getriebes: Konisch - zylindrisches Zahnrad
Schritt: Einstufige


Kundenspezifische Anfrage

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Tips For Selecting the Right Agricultural Gearbox

An agricultural gearbox is an essential component of a farm machinery, such as a combine harvester. A high-efficiency gearbox ensures optimum performance, while readily available replacement parts ensure a hassle-free operation. Here are some important tips for selecting the right agricultural gearbox. You can also read about bevel and CZPT gearboxes, Closed-loop seals, and the quality of materials. You can choose from the many different brands and models available.


A bevel gearbox consists of a series of enclosed spiral and straight bevels that transmit rotational power through a 90-degree shaft. These gearboxes can be configured at many different angles to suit various agricultural machinery applications. For example, CZPT Gearboxes manufactures a bevel gear drive at 68 degrees that is perfect for grain cart and auger applications. It also has a 50-degree model for the same purpose.
The simplest type of bevel gearbox uses straight or helical teeth. Straight teeth make it difficult to realize small profile coverage. The ratio between the input and output shafts is generally 1:1. Bevel gearboxes with straight teeth cannot produce a high transmittable torque and are also relatively noisy. A bevel gearbox with a straight or bevelled output shaft can also be symmetrical or asymmetrical, depending on the application.
A bevel gearbox can be arranged in several ways. It can be configured to provide deflection in two or three directions. The output shafts can be at various angles: 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 135 degrees. Depending on the size and mounting location, it can be geared for either a simple screw drive or a double-shaft arrangement. One option that is not often used is a double-helix bevel gearbox, which is typically less than half the size of a standard gearbox.
In addition to bevel gears, there are also hypoid bevel gears and spiral gears. Both types produce thrust forces that act parallel to the axis of rotation, but the spiral bevel gear produces more thrust force and a change in direction of the torque is possible. However, both types of bevel gears have their drawbacks. In order to make sure that you are choosing the best one for your needs, it’s important to choose the right one.
Agricultural machinery use bevel gears to elevate the crop. The housings of these gearboxes are usually made of closed-grain cast-iron, although larger sizes are made of SG 500/7 material. The screw, meanwhile, is made of Cr-Mo medium carbon steel that has high core strength. The nut is made of aluminum bronze and the tapered roller bearing is suitable for high-axial and radial loads.


If you’re a farmer, you probably know just how important the parts of your CZPT agricultural gearbox are. If the gears on your tractor start to wear out, you’ll be losing significant yields, since they’re inefficient. And if they don’t have a high gear ratio, that means higher frictional losses, which means lower quality harvests. Food industry gearboxes must meet hygiene and safety regulations as well as withstand harsh environmental conditions. Additionally, you’ll find that the machinery in your food processing plant uses food-safe coloring agents and oils.
Despite the many challenges that face gearboxes, they’re essential for efficient cropping operations. Because they’re used in almost every stage of the cropping cycle, you’ll want them to be efficient and resilient to the toughest conditions. Those conditions include high and low temperatures, operation in moist or arid environments, and safety regulations. But there are some solutions that can help you maintain your cropping cycles for longer, and avoid the need to purchase expensive, replacement gearboxes from a third-party supplier.
CZPT shaft-mount reducers, designed for beet trucks, power conveyors, and other applications, use helical gearing with hardened steel and Viton seals to resist corrosion. CZPT Ultramite gearmotors, for example, drive pilers, stacker boom swings, and hoists. These high-quality gearmotors feature a low-speed direct drive and a high-speed pinion. And all of these products can accept standard NEMA C-face motors.
Industrial gearboxes are becoming increasingly essential for power transfer applications. From automobiles to helicopters to marine vessels, industrial gearboxes provide energy efficiency and reliability for businesses. With their torque multiplication, they reduce the speed of tasks and decrease their carbon footprints. In fact, many industries today are using industrial gearboxes to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. This makes these gearboxes more than just useful in the agricultural sector.
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Geschlossene Kreisläufe

The closed-loop seal is one of the best ways to keep the gearbox safe from water intrusion. It’s a great alternative to desiccant breathers. Although they can’t keep the gearbox underwater, they are a great option for agricultural gearboxes. In the event of an emergency, a closed-loop elastomeric seal will prevent water from leaking into the gearbox.
When it comes to agriculture, the gearbox is important to the entire food chain. Even a little downtime can mean significant production loss. This is why it’s crucial to choose a gearbox that’s easy to access and maintain. Luckily, there are some great agricultural gearbox manufacturers that make closed-loop seals that are easy to access and maintain. A quality gearbox will last for a long time and keep your production costs down.
Flange gaskets are a vital component in the gearbox flange joint. When exposed to high compressive loads over time, gaskets start failing. As a result, they lose strength and leak. Due to their importance, gasket deformation plays a significant role in sealing performance. Therefore, a detailed analysis is carried out to study how gasket thickness affects deformation and von Mises stresses.
End covers are another common agricultural gearbox component. These are a type of seal that fits into the housing bore of rotary shaft lip seals. The DMR(tm) Wheel Hub Seal protects the bearings and shafts during installation and removal. These seals are made of elastomer/sheet metal. They are excellent in high-speed, high-pressure and chemical compatibility applications.
The type of motor mounted in the gearbox also determines the longevity of the seal. A C-face motor, for example, is mounted in a gearbox with a C-face motor. The shaft must slide into the hollow bore of the gearbox without wiggle. Otherwise, the motor may cause deformation of the seal, leading to leakage. Therefore, it is important to know the specific mounting arrangement of the motor before installing a C-face motor.
Various types of rotary seals are available for tractors. Among them, CZPT V-Class Magnum Seal has a grease-filled cavity outboard of the lip seal. This cavity traps small contaminants and blocks them from reaching the lip seal. In addition, the zerk on the grease cavity ensures that the lubrication reaches the outer dust lip, reducing heat generation.
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Qualität der Materialien

A quality agricultural gearbox can make or break a farming project. A good quality gearbox is not only reliable but also sturdy and will last a long time. In addition, it can save you money. Agricultural gearboxes come in different styles to fit a wide variety of applications. If you’re looking for a high-quality gearbox that will last a long time, consider an Aline Trading P/L gearbox. Aline Trading gearboxes can handle a variety of tasks, from harvesting crops to operating agricultural machinery. They are designed to reduce input shaft speed and increase the tractor PTO speed. A 50-degree bevel gear drive is commonly used on a grain cart or a portable grain elevator.
A tractor’s gear box is made of grey cast iron. This material is machinability-friendly, wear-resistant, and vibration-dampening. The belt pulleys are usually cast iron and use two-stage processes, casting and forging. Large belt pulleys are typically made of cast iron. The brake drums’ material needs to be higher-quality to reduce vibrations. The brake drums are made of grey iron ASTM A48 Class 35.
Agricultural gearboxes play a vital role in the entire food chain. They’re an essential part of the agricultural equipment production process, and efficient gearboxes are crucial for profitable operations. In addition to being highly efficient, agricultural gearboxes need to be able to endure a variety of environmental conditions. High and low temperature extremes, operations in moist and arid environments, and safety regulations are just some of the problems that agricultural gearboxes face.
China factory Foot Mounting Cycloidal Gearbox with Planetary Drive for Against Shock   with Great quality China factory Foot Mounting Cycloidal Gearbox with Planetary Drive for Against Shock   with Great quality
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