This #41 roller chain fully meets all ANSI specifications and is a durable, economically priced roller chain that has a tensile strength of 2,000lbs. The Economy Plus series roller chains 41 roller chain feature heat-treated aspect plates to ensure the strength and toughness of the roller chain. This roller chain also features solid rollers that will increase the performance and general working life of the chain. Economic climate Plus #41 roller chain is often supplied as 10ft boxes, but alternate lengths are available per request. You can expect additional connecting links and offset links for this chain as well, which having a few of these on-hand will keep you out of a down circumstance and keep you ready to go. One more thing that extra connecting links and offset links are good for is producing those miscellaneous repairs that require to be done to keep you functioning. We also provide a full series of top quality sprockets for this chain ranging in the teeth count and bore sizes. For more information on the Economic climate Plus Series #41 Roller chain or any of its accessories that we offer, please e mail us and we’ll be happy to assist you